A huge butterfly we found in bike parking in Santa Cruz on day 2 ... nature's blessing. After this photo was taken I went and bought socks at the cycling shop in SC. It was the will of God....heh.







After buying socks on day 2. Graeme took this photo at pit 1. This year I decided to wear dresses....bike clothes can be a bit boring. One rider kept telling me I looked "fetching" as he passed me. 3 men asked me if they could borrow this dress. The French guy was the funniest: " You muzt leet me wear zist dress! I sink eet will feet me, no?" I was crying with laughter by this point. I've heard that there are straight men on the aids ride... I think can count them on one hand.









Graeme and I at the airport... seeing him off until AIDS Ride 7... I love the int'l terminal at SFO. If I had my passport on me that day - I would be in Paris right now.




Motorcycle Safety photos....