Being in a body... 

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I've been pretty neglectful, and downright destructive to my earth suit. Having eaten SAD (Standard American Diet) all my life, I cannot claim to be healthy. But I've done a few detox programs, and have made a pact with some friends to have a colons filled with light by the year 2012. Don't ask. It has something to do with "making the darkness conscious" . 

Total Health Secrets - distributor of detox products, fire walking and dolphin swimming 

Arise and Shine  - Got mucoid plaque? This is the detox for you!

Tri Dosha- An excellent ayruvedic site with a nifty self test.

Self Cleanse Programs - Click on "Alternative Therapies" and then on "Cleanse" The Liver/Kidney/Candida cleanses are easy to do! 

Raw Foods - I'm not a diet nazi, but this is worth trying

Doc Misha - A really cute acupuncture site

Kim Makoi - A hot Chiropractor

Heartwood Institute - Where Paul Pitchford does his thang (author of Healing with Whole Foods)

Health Journeys - Guided imagery for healing

School of Shiatsu and Massage - where I went to school (that was school?)

Cancer Salves - Interesting site - the book is even better

Dental Dangers - FAQ on amalgam fillings. I had all mine taken out. 

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