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Gracias a la Vida (thanks to life)

Don't buy into the convincing illusion of grimness. Humans are evolving faster than is comfortable right now, so keeping your feet on the ground, and your eyes on the prize is key. "Stillness is love, movement is life. To be still and still moving - this is everything." -Lao Tzu The evolution of the species starts right here, right now. These are growing pains and we're all being asked to stretch.  There is a cessation of suffering (3rd out of the 4 noble truths of buddhism) if you can just get past that pesky aversion/desire trap. Just meditate - it helps. Really.  A big "hell yeah!" goes out to : chaos, serendipity, the courage to grieve (the book and the action), cutting through spiritual materialism (the book and the action), co-inkydinks, honesty, leaning into sharp points, dreams, insight, getting rid of glamour, tidal waves of emotion, angels, fearlessness and failure, hands with wands hovering over my head just waiting to strike, and the fire that keeps me a phoenix - thanks, you suck, but thanks! Keep the lessons coming! I owe my life to: Yoga, Kung Fu, The Sun both the magazine and the gaseous source of life), potting plants, laughing uproariously, the power of NOW, walking on the beach at night, driving (I love hwy 5), weeping buckets, good food, listening to my body, the fine art of conversation, solitude and silence, getting tossed out the window of love's El Camino, nice roommates, the coolest cat and a low maintenance python. Albums played loud: Amnesiac (Radiohead), 3 EPs (Beta Band), Fear of Fours (Lamb), Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Smashing Pumpkins), Tales from the City, Tales from the Sea (PJ Harvey), Sunny Border Blue (Kristin Hersh), Hotboxing (Magnapop), No Rest for the Wicked (New Model Army), NOT A PRETTY GIRL, Reckoning/Revelling (Ani DiFranco), Snowman (Engine 88), Surfer Rosa and Doolittle (The Pixies), Limbo (Throwing Muses), Day Job (Youth Gone Mad), Laughter and Lust (Joe Jackson), and the compliation tapes that I always make under duress. To Socrates and all the Pythias (I'll do my best) Thanks  
I love you

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