Stories I've Written

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Planet of the Beautiful People- the aliens are coming, look pretty

Zen is Macho- "Come as you are" says Nirvana

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts- The World's a Mess it's in my Kiss

Hippie Heaven- The punkness of the hippie

Convoy!- My Truck Driving Fantasy

Tips on How to Have Fun in a Crisis - Why I'm more fun than Lara Croft

Star Mangled Banner - Yes, I will fight for my country

Rock Star Karaoke - Screaming fans, holographic time

Spiritual Materialism - Taking Refuge in the Drama... I mean, Dharma

Peter Jennings in Times of Crisis- 9/11/01 ignited the flames in my heart

End your war time woes with shopping!- The almighty dollar will not fall

So long post-modernism, hello pre-relevance- the beginning of the start of an inkling of a new age

Chicks for Allah- The girls of Islam need to get busy