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Health and Healing Links - you've got a body, be nice to it

Pallotta Teamworks- where I worked the last two years

The Zen Hospice Project - where I volunteer

First Church of the Last Laugh - my dad's church

The Institute of Noetic Sciences - where I used to work

Dogday Records - My friend Jo's rap label, Eric and I designed this site

The Billboard Liberation Front - Public art at it's best: advertisments and anarchy

Seemen - To Be Ready To Die

Zen Peacemakers - The Order of Dis Order

The Ruckus Society - "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God" - Thomas Jefferson

Dammit, Ltd. - A dog and her boy, two of my favorite sentient beings

Independent Media Center - The people speaking truth to power

Direct Action Network - When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty

Church of the SubGenius - if you love Jesus, click here

RTmark - Support Subversive Sabotage

Negativland - fair fuckin' use - buy their records

They Rule - Take the world back from corporate rule

Whirled Bank - A world full of poverty

WTO - Who's Taking Over?

Doggie Diner - The Dogminican Order

Resrocket - Rock out online with Will

The 24 Hour Spacewalk - Mary and I almost got arrested for this

The Society of Superheros - brainchild of our friend WarriorGirl

Miko Matsumura - Java Evangelist, neuro-genius, hanuman

Modern Pirate, - My friend Seth, scathing and cynical, but cute like a bunny

Vmar - Vince's racing, radio and whatnot

Survival Research Laboratories - I was head of security in Austin, it was a blast

Lightning On Demand - The world's largest tesla coils

Dark Garden - the best corsets and wedding gowns by my best friend

ShahaspDesigns - divine jewelry by a lovely lady

Go, girl! is a bi-weekly webzine dedicated to getting women of all ages and fitness levels involved in sports. And Melissa and Dave are AIDS Ride vets.

The Anon Salon - where I squeeze past the beautiful people on the way to the toilet

BurningMan - I was a ranger in '96 - that was plenty

San Francisco Cacophony Society - my partners in crime

BigRig Industries - I love these guys, even though I don't drink

Monochrom- My Austrian friends

The Billy Nayer Show - My favorite band to sing along to

Storm and Her Dirty Mouth - My favorite band to dance to

Three Day Stubble - My favorite band to listen to

Spirit of America - my funniest W-2 of 1997

The Black Crown of Karmapa - how I got off the karmic wheel

Tibetan sites - when I was a Tibetan monk, I laughed alot

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